Our mission

Making it safe for professionals to move around

Work safety is a major issue today for companies of all sizes.


Whether it’s at a large corporation in the manufacturing sector or at an SME in the construction sector, making it safe for people to move around is part of the employer’s responsibility.


As a manager of several locations of a fast-food chain, Jacques Raboin had to deal with the issue of keeping his teams safe. He couldn’t find the right solution in the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. So, he decided to create Tiger Grip as a solution for preventing falls, impacts, and other risks from slipping on dirty floors.


Tiger Grip offers solutions and personal protective equipments for professionals in any line of business.

Employee safety : the law and company liability

Employers are required to identify the risks of slipping, falling, impacts, or injury that exist on their premises, including for their employees as they move about. In France, these risks must be listed in the ‘single safety document,’ along with solutions for preventing those risks.

Employers are obliged to protect the health of their employees and keep them safe as they do their work. If an employer is found to be negligent in regards to safety, they may face civil and criminal penalties.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) :

To keep employees safe as they move around, the first solution must be collective. If that is insufficient or infeasible, you must provide the appropriate PPE:

PPE = ‘Items intended to be worn by a person in order to protect them against one or more risks that may threaten their health and safety.’ – FRENCH LABOUR CODE

Tiger Grip focusses on protecting individuals to make it safe for them to move around and properly carry out their work.

Preventing risk, a major challenge for companies

Beyond the regulatory obligations regarding PPE, there are other major issues for companies related to implementing solutions to protect their employees:

85% of companies have had workers go on sick leave; 70% of those cases of sick leave are caused by accidents such as falls, impacts, or more serious injuries.

The human dimension : The well-being of employees is now recognised as a driving company performance. Taking into account the physical and mental health of employees is important to keep a company operating well. As such, risk prevention is a factor and an engine in contributing to personal development for all teams.

The economic dimension: The direct cost of a work accident is fully paid for by companies via social security contributions. However, you must also take into account indirect costs: employee absences, replacement, production slowdowns, reorganisation, and more. All of this collateral damage adds to the cost of a worker going on sick leave following a work accident.

Tiger Grip is here as your partner to help you limit risks related to falls, impacts, and other hazards at your company.