Visitor safety cap overshoes

VisitorSafety cap overshoes

Safety overshoes with toe cap for safe visits

  • EXTRA LIGHT Aluminium/titanium Toe cap ( 200 joules resistance)
  • 3 SIZES only for all shoe sizes
  • COLOR CODED CAP to identify the size at a single glance
  • Fits even heeled shoes !


Industrial environments for visits



For a proper use of the overshoes, it is important to ensure that the overshoes fits neatly over the user’s footwear.

Choose your size for classic footwear and one size more for larger footwear.


CE certified – Risk II PPE

EN ISO 20345 – Safety shoes requirements

Certified product complying below standards :

  • Impact resistance 200 J ( EN ISO 12568 )
  • Crushing resistance 15kN ( EN ISO 12568 )
  • Fuel Oil resistance ( FO )
  • Breaking extension & abrasion resistance


ASTM F2413-11

  • Requirement for safety footwear
  • Impact resitance to 101,7 J ( ASTM F 2412-11 )
  • Crushing resistance to 11,12kN ( ASTM F 2412-11 )

Safety overshoe designed to protect visitors of industrial sites. This overshoe can also be equipped by employees on an occasional basis, whenever there is a risk of toe crushing injuries. 

  • The Visitor toe cap is made of an Aluminium / Titanium alloy which is lighter than steel but just as resistant.
  • The toe cap is color coded, helping you to track the size easily and quickly.
  • The half sole of the Visitor benefits from the Tiger Grip® adhesion technology, recognized for its outstanding grip coefficient.
  • Visitor is a lightweight product that is easy to use. Thanks to its velcro comfort strap, it can be adapted to all kind of shoes, even high heels !
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