Total Protect

Anti-slip, Hard-toed overshoe

The Total Protect anti-slip overshoe was designed to prevent impacts. Thanks to its hard toe and high-performance, anti-slip sole, you are always safe to move about your place of work. Total Protect provides traction and toe protection so that you can walk with peace of mind in unpredictable environments.

Among our personal protective equipment (PPE), the Total Protect anti-slip overshoe offers comprehensive characteristics:

  • Aluminium and titanium hard toe for protection that’s ultra-light.
  • An exceptional grip coefficient on all types of interior flooring
  • Tiger-grip® anti-slip sole with self-cleaning studs
  • Makes it safe to walk on oily and wet surfaces
  • Excellent hold on the foot, providing your employees with both safety and comfort
  • 4 sizes, easily identified by their colour-coding, cover European shoe sizes 34 to 48 thanks to a structure with extendible sides
  • Reusable, waterproof overshoe

Total Protect offers you protection against falling on wet and/or oily, even surfaces, while also protecting the toes from falling objects.

  • Industries where frequently used:
    • logistics, stock management
    • warehouses
    • building maintenance
    • large retailers, moving stock

The Total Protect overshoe is a solution for preventing falls combined with a solution for preventing impacts. No matter the type of flooring and/or the type of object that might fall on a person’s feet, your employees can walk around in total safety:

  • Type of flooring:
    • tile
    • concrete
    • steel
  • Substance on the floor:
    • liquid
    • water
    • detergent
    • grease
    • food residue
  • Objects that might fall on feet:
    • nails
    • hammers
    • metal objects

What sets us apart: Our products aren’t just technical solutions. Above all, they’re effective.

Technical solution for preventing slipping and falling

The Total Protect anti-slip overshoe complies with current standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) in regards to preventing falls and impacts:

Compliance with standards:

Category II PPE; CE certified, EN ISO 20345: 2011

  • Resistance to crushing (EN ISO 12568)
  • Resistance to hydrocarbons (FO) and abrasion
  • Slip resistance (SRC - EN ISO 13287)

+ US Certifications (ASTM)

Comfort and practicality:

Easy to use: adjustable to all types of flat shoes

Easy to identify: colour-coded so that you can easily identify the size

Easy to identify: colour-coded so that you can easily identify the size

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