Easy Grip

Anti-slip overshoe for all surfaces

The Easy Grip anti-slip overshoe is the ideal solution for safely walking on slippery indoor surfaces. On oily or wet surfaces, preventing the risks of slipping and falling requires a high-performance solution that grips the floor.


Among our personal protective equipment (PPE), the Easy Grip anti-slip overshoe is our historic product, the one that led us to develop the highest-performing traction solutions:

  • An exceptional grip coefficient on all types of interior flooring
  • Tiger-grip® anti-slip sole with self-cleaning studs
  • Makes it safe to walk on oily and wet surfaces
  • Excellent hold on the foot, providing your employees with both safety and comfort
  • Only four sizes to cover all shoe sizes thanks to its structure with extendible sides
  • NO MARKING: leaves no scuff marks on your floors
  • Reusable, waterproof overshoe
  • Available in black or white

Easy Grip: the ideal anti-slip overshoe for walking on oily or wet floors.

  • Industries where frequently used :
  • For the black model :
    • restaurants,
    • fast food,
    • cleaning activities
  • For the white model :
    • used in particular in the medical field,
    • including hospitals and laboratories

The Easy Grip overshoe is an effective solution for preventing slipping and falling in many different professional settings. In spite of the type of flooring or whatever substance might be on it, this special traction solution helps keep your employees safe :

  • Type of flooring:
    • tile
    • concrete
    • steel
  • Substance on the floor :
    • liquid
    • water
    • detergent
    • grease
    • food residue

What sets us apart: Our products aren’t just technical solutions. Above all, they’re effective.

Technical solution for preventing slipping and falling

The Easy Grip anti-slip overshoe has been specially developed. It responds to several needs of professionals that go well beyond compliance with regulations:

Compliance with standards :

Category II PPE; CE certified, EN ISO 20347: 2012

  • Slip-resistant (EN ISO 13287)
  • Resistance to hydrocarbons (FO) and abrasion

+ Certifications américaines (ASTM)

Comfort and practicality: :

Easy to use : adjustable to all types of shoes

Easy to identify : colour-coded so that you can easily identify the size

Hygienic and easy to maintain: hand-washable, machine-washable, can be sterilised in an autoclave

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